The Top Tips And Tricks For Playing Subway Surfers: How To Score High And Beat Your Friends

The Top Tips and Tricks for Playing Subway Surfers: How to Score High and Beat Your Friends

Subway Surfers is a popular mobile game where players navigate a fast-paced subway, overcoming obstacles. To excel and achieve high scores, mastering mechanics and applying effective strategies is crucial. This article shares top tips and tricks for playing Subway Surfers, helping you score high and surpass your friends.

1. Stay Alert and React Quickly

In Subway Surfers, quick reflexes are key to success. Pay attention to the upcoming obstacles, trains, and power-ups. React quickly by swiping left or right to avoid obstacles, jumping over barriers, and sliding under low-hanging obstacles. Anticipating and responding promptly will help you maintain momentum and avoid collisions.

2. Collect Coins and Power-ups

Collecting coins is essential for progressing in the game and unlocking new characters and power-ups. Focus on grabbing as many coins as possible during your run. Additionally, keep an eye out for power-ups like the Jetpack, Super Sneakers, and Coin Magnet. These power-ups can significantly boost your score and help you navigate the subway with ease.

3. Utilize Hoverboards Wisely

Hoverboards are valuable items that can save you from crashes and extend your run. Activate them strategically when you find yourself in a tricky situation or when you spot a challenging obstacle ahead. Hoverboards provide a brief period of invincibility, allowing you to pass through obstacles and collect coins without consequences.

4. Upgrade Your Power-ups

As you progress in Subway Surfers, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade your power-ups using the coins you collect. Focus on upgrading power-ups that suit your playing style and help you achieve higher scores. For example, upgrading the Coin Magnet power-up will attract coins from a greater distance, maximizing your coin collection potential.

5. Complete Daily Challenges and Missions

Subway Surfers offers daily challenges and missions that provide additional rewards and objectives. Take advantage of these challenges to earn extra coins, power-ups, and even exclusive characters. Completing daily challenges and missions will not only enhance your skills but also add an extra level of excitement and variety to your gameplay.


By applying these top tips and tricks for playing Subway Surfers, you'll be able to improve your gameplay, achieve higher scores, and outperform your friends. Remember to stay alert, react quickly, collect coins and power-ups, utilize hoverboards strategically, upgrade your power-ups, and complete daily challenges. With practice and determination, you'll master the game and become a top scorer in Subway Surfers!