All You Need To Know On Manchester Airport Parking

Some people think that finding parking space at Manchester Airport is next to impossible and solely based on luck. That's not the case, however. The main hurdle to overcome in this matter is understanding the system. Once you learn to do that, you'll have no problem finding parking space at Manchester Airport anymore.

Manchester Airport Parking - Overcoming the Problem

You're going out for a short city break or a quick visit home to see your family. You're flying out fro Manchester Airport. You know how brilliant it is to be able to go to the airport in your own car and leave it somewhere safe for the few days you'll be away. Car park charges notwithstanding, it's great to be able to pick up your own car on your return and just go home. Also, leaving your car parked in your driveway for several days is not wise at all. But how do you find a nice, reasonably priced parking space? There are ways.

  • You can go straight to the Manchester Airport website and book your parking space. Now, that's fine if someone is seeing you off and they only want to leave the car somewhere safe for an hour. The multi-storey car park close to check-in is ideal for dropping someone off and seeing them off. For spaces which are wanted for 24 hours or more, there are long-stay car parks. They are more cost-effective and still, not too far from the terminal.
  • There are many car-parking options at Manchester airport, depending on your need. Some of the airport hotels offer a hotel and parking deal. This can work out well if you have an early morning flight and you're having an overnight stay in the hotel. You can simply leave your car there, with permission and find it safe and sound when you come back. Sounds good?
  • Good rates are available for over a week in the off-airport car parks. Free shuttle buses operate between the terminals and these car parks. The car parks affiliated with the airport are called Jet Parks. Shuttle buses operate between car parks and terminals. There's full security and they're supervised 24/7. They are well-lit and anyone arriving to collect their car, no matter what time of the day, will have no problem getting it back. The best part about the Jet Parks is the reassurance that your car is in safe hands while you're out of the country.
  • There are private car parks in Manchester which are not affiliated to the airport. Such as the award-winning APH Manchester. Just 15 minutes from the airport with great security and good rates, it's a safe bet for your car while you're away.

Manchester Airport Parking - Solving the Problem

Parking at Manchester Airport shouldn't be a problem. Get to know the options and choose what suits you best.