Battle Your Smartphone Addiction

Battle Your Smartphone Addiction

We're highly dependent on it, experiencing anxiety without it. Constant checking and FOMO drive us. Whether young or old, our lives revolve around the device in our pocket. But we can combat smartphone addiction by setting a plan and fighting for the 'right to disconnect' from 24/7 accessibility.

Five Ways to Battle Your Smartphone Addiction

  • Consider Switching to a Simple Mobile: Just because Internet technology can come on the phone, does it mean we must carry it everywhere? Can't we just leave it on our laptops and smartphones for working hours? If we just carry a small mobile around to call, text and receive calls, that should be good enough.
  • Switch off the smartphone at night: If we have a working landline in our home, where is the need to keep our smartphones switched on at night? If we can't give up our smartphones, let's consider resting them during sleeping hours. Once we can be reached in emergencies, we should disconnect at night. For our sanity if nothing else. Think of all the harmful radiation from which we're saving ourselves?
  • Keep the phone on silent when meeting friends: Nothing is worse than meeting a friend and then having to watch them fumble with their smartphones, start texting others during our precious time and worst of all, taking calls from people. This is utter rudeness and should not be tolerated. Two people, sitting together in a coffee shop, ignoring each other and staring into their smartphones is ridiculous. When you meet a friend for a coffee and a chat, put your phone on silent mode and spend some quality time toegether.
  • Shift as many activities as possible away from the smarthone: Because of the pandemic, many people attend church or borrow ebooks on their phone. Shift that activity to your laptop or tablet. Return to Church and the public library when the restrictions are lifted, observing the social distancing guidelines.
  • Check your email and messages at certain, limited times during the day: Check your email at 10 am in the morning and 4 pm in the afternoon. Deal with those mails and don't check again till the next time.

Overcome Your Smartphone Dependency Problem

Life might be unthinkable without your smartphone, but do you remember ten years ago, or perhaps a little further than that? The device in our pocket didn't rule our lives. It would have been unthinkable to let it. If we put these points we've talked about to work, we can make a start. We need to claim back our lives from the tyranny of the smartphone. If we want to, we can do it.