The Top 4 Business VoIP Providers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is software that enables business individuals to make calls using broadband internet. Given its essential role in the industry, numerous VoIP providers are available in the market. To ensure you choose the best option, it is crucial to explore the top 4 business VoIP providers listed below.

1. 4Com

4Com ranks among the best VoIP providers, especially in the UK. This is because of their incorporation of the Computer Technology Integration (CTI) system. The feature does not only ensure comprehensive call reports but best customer experience. Client opting for these providers are lucky as there is no upfront cost, and any maintenance issues are offered easily at their Bournemouth call centre.

2. Lily Comms

If you are seeking for a VoIP supplier who would attend to you at any time, then Lily Comms is what you need to consider at the end of the day. It offers 24/7 services and features rich VoIP product. Since it supplied more than 2500 business after its creation, there is no doubt that it is among the top 4 business VoIP suppliers in the world.

3. Vonage

Although Vonage is UK based, it is a global provider for VoIP systems. One of the aspects that make it stand out from other providers is diversity. It is not only conducive for small businesses but also for the medium and large business. However, this depends on the package that one chooses. Additionally, this best business VoIP supplier has VoIP products that have offer 40 call features. Some of these features include multi-device extensions, call recording with unlimited storage, incoming calls for hunt groups, and full call handling features.

4. Berry

Completing the list of the top 4 business VoIP providers is the Berry provider. Its users applaud the VoIP products they supply due to their simplicity to use interface and the overall effortlessness in the setting up. Other benefits of the VoIP products by Berry include providence of personal account manager, full-time support, comprehensive call reporting, and collaborative features for team coordination. Moreover, clients get to enjoy products at a fee with the Berry suppliers. Most of the best business VoIP suppliers offer the best services to their consumers. However, some services offered by some of the providers may not work with what a particular business needs. Therefore, it is essential for business persons not to consider providers because they offered a good VoIP service for their friend. They should primarily consider the needs as well as the nature of the business and how they resonate with the VoIP products of the VoIP providers. With this, it would become easy to enjoy the benefits of VoIP systems in your respective business or company that you have.