What To Expect From A Morocco Trip

What to Expect from a Morocco Trip

Morocco is a captivating country with stunning landscapes and a rich culture. However, it's not a typical holiday destination. To make the most of your trip, it's advisable to prepare beforehand by familiarizing yourself with the weather, hotels, attractions, and the souvenirs to buy. This information will enhance your experience in this beautiful and intriguing country.

Things You Should Study Before Travelling To Morocco

Here's some information you need to know before travelling to wondrous Morocco:
  • Climate: Morocco's climate is mostly similar to that of other Mediterranean countries. Part of Morocco is in the Sahara Desert. It has the same seasonal pattern as Europe, so their summer and winter are in the same time zone. November to January is cold and wet, so you may need a raincoat. If you're visiting the Atlas Mountains in winter, you'll need sweaters. Otherwise, dress for warm weather in summer. But please remember, ladies must dress modestly to respect local traditions. No shorts or spaghetti tops, please.
  • Places to visit: Rabat, the capital and Fez, Meknes and Marrakesh are the four Imperial cities, rich in culture and history. Visit Merzouga near the desert for camel safaris. Jebel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains is the highest North African peak. You may need three days for that. Enjoy the seaside at Tangier or Asilah.
  • Places to stay: Morocco actively supports tourism, so accommodation is available to suit all levels from luxury to budget. Tourists enjoy staying in Moroccan riads, traditional houses with courtyards. Check the travel guides.
  • Moroccan food: A blend of Arabic and Mediterranean traditions. Staples are olive oil, couscous and wheat. Meat is usually beef, lamb or chicken. Herbs and spices are used in cooking. Seafood is also popular.
  • Items to take home: Beautiful handcrafted goods are available in Morocco, such as ceramics, lanterns, leather goods and rugs. If you love handcrafts, it's a shoppers paradise. Many visitors love to purchase caftans and slippers to take home, to remind them of their trip. You can also purchase genuine, traditionally prepared argan oil, which is so good for the skin and hair.
  • Miscellaneous information: The currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). At the time of writing, One Euro is worth 9.66 MAD, one US Dollar is worth 10.66 MAD and one GBP is worth 11.88 MAD. The rate varies with market changes. Arabic and local languages are spoken. Moroccans are more likely to know French or Spanish than English.

Getting Ready To Visit Morocco

Reading up in advance and planning ahead is the way to prepare for a trip to Morocco. You can't have too much information. The better prepared you are for the trip, the more likely you are to enjoy it. If you can't get enough of it the first time, you can always plan a return visit.